Track Name: Brighter Lights
This town is full of dead dogs
And every second here is a second lost
We've got to keep moving
The longer we stay here, the longer we stand still
The quicker we sink

Our bags are packed
We won't look back
We've set our sights
On brighter lights

I don't even know why
There's so many places that we haven't tried
If we stay here, we're losing
The longer we wait here, the longer we stand still
The quicker we sink

I'm outside, let's get going
Don't worry I've kept the car running
This place would so much better over our shoulders
Track Name: Rocky Was An Underdog, But He Was a Double-Hard Bastard
He thinks he looks so cool
Stood with his back up against the wall
Laughing at every wrong note
Every mistimed fill
Every awkward silence

We know what we're doing
We're always going to fuck this up
We couldn't give a fuck

Yeah we ain't no fools
Aint gonna set ourselves up for a fall
Laughing at every wrong note
Every mistimed fill
Every awkward silence

You can't take life so seriously
No-one's ever made it out alive
You're gonna have to stop worrying
About what the 'cool kids' think
You're awesome and you know it
So why the fuck don't you ever show it?

We'll keep on fucking up
And you can turn your noses up
But we'll come out on top
The band that style forgot

There's more to life than piercings and hairstyles
Track Name: No Matter How Hard You Try
"Pass me the rum" he said
What's the worst that could happen?
The night is young, this is just the start
The signs were there when he was getting way too excited

Dude, you can't fly
No matter how fucking hard you try
Don't start to cry
We're all just thankful that you're alive
Track Name: Kinkladze Was Off The Chizzain!
If there's someone on my shoulder
I'd prefer to know before
He goes straight through my back
And leaves me lying on the floor
If I've found myself a place
Where I've space and time to act
Then I'm here to help you out
And not stand watching from the back

We were'nt brave enough last time
We were divided and we fell
We've gotta get a hold on this tonight
Let's fuck 'em up
And give 'em hell

Look, we've got to stick together
I can't make this on my own
Even though I always try
When all I should do is go home
We've all been the one to blame
Missed our chance or chickened out
But we've learned to struggle through
And not succumb to our self doubt
Track Name: Derek, What Are You Trying To Prove?
They say "It's a small world"
But the small minds in this city
Can't see outside The Moor
We laughed it all off
But these results really shine halo
On New Labour of '94
Let's get out of this town
I won't let these bigots drag us all down

What used to be a joke to the few that were good
Has been announced to the whole wide world
The inbred and the ignorant have risen to the top
And brought shame on this shitty county
We used to laugh and say
"You won't believe all these things that I heard while I was at work"
We're no longer laughing
It's no longer funny
This shit just got a whole lot worse

Let's get out of this town
I'm too fucking Polish to be sticking around

They're finding their way through
While the best of a bad bunch are slowly rotting
We can't really stay here
There's people buying into Andrew Brons and Mark Collett
Let's get out of this town
This British pride does not make us proud

Parliament's long run out
Of anyone worth caring about
(We can't change this)
But don't get drawn into
Pointing fingers at anyone but them
(They fucked it up)
All this dissolusion
Doesn't call for their fucked up solutions
(They can't change this)
Why won't we heed
All these warnings from history
(We're so fucked up)
Track Name: I Grew Up On Copperhead Road
There's a young boy kicking tennis balls up against the wall
And a young girl climbing out her window to sneak away to shows
He spent most of his days trying to take herself away
And she swore to herself that she wouldn't stay
They bumped into each other in a small north-eastern city
He was the hero of the football team and she was oh-so pretty
She fast became everything that he held dear
And this is what he whispered in her ear;

"If you squeeze my hand three times
Then you know that I'll squeeze back
And if I squeeze your hand three times
Then you know that I'll squeeze back"

That young boy grew up to be his mother's son
He didn't want to live by all the things his father had done
I hope he knows he succedded in being the better man
No son of his could ask for a better dad
I wish that I had met the mother of that girl
I know that she would be the proudest mother in the world
I'd hold her close, not letting go and kiss her on the cheek
And I'd thank her for all she's given me

I grew up on Copperhead Road, those early days really left their mark
Those nights where I learnt to fly and we were dancing in the dark
So take me to Claire Island where we spent all of those days
Even though times are a-changing, The songs remain the same
Track Name: Gainsborough Rock City
Gainsbrough Rock City
Three men and a Baby Ghostface
It all harks back to yesterday
I hope we didn't let you down
We just had to get out of that fucking town
Three men and a little lady
Is not quite as daunting as we thought it would be
If you're Ted Danson then I'm Steve Guttenburg
Because Matt's Tom Seleck with the moustache to make it work

I hope you're OK tonight
We told you we knew that you'd be alright
I'm sure I owe you a pint
We've got to get fucked up when money's not so tight
I hope you're OK tonight

It's Friday night, let's go to Corporation
We'll meet JP, Uncle Limmer and Cheetham
Just bring yourself and that knackered suit jacket
And we'll drink vodka till our stomachs can't hack it
Twenty beers and a bottle of jager
and twenty benny silvers and a packet of papers
We failed those days like pissed up ninjas
All those nights that we'll never remember

Let's drive to down to Gainsborough
We'll see Mancsy-Spider
A twenty-four pack of stubbies
Sunshine and a shit-ton of footie