Live Fast. Go To Bed Early.

by Calvinball

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released July 15, 2008



all rights reserved
Track Name: Nobody Throws Me My Gun and Says Run...Nobody
We've gotta fight and make this town believe
Can I get a show of hands if you're with me?
Take our chance and see how it goes
Make amends, yeah we're gonna be heroes
They made us the way that we are
Men with guns, men like Calvera
We're not brave 'cause we carry a gun
If I'm the last one standing doesn't mean I've won

Home? none
Wife? none
Kids? none
zero places that you're tied down to,
men you step aside for and people with a hold on you

We wont stop, it's what you wanted us for
Turning us away only makes us want it more
Gotta finish what we've started
Now is not the time for faint-hearted
We made seven look like seven-hundred
And stopped this small, dead town from being plundered
Fuck this thankless life we choose
The farmers won, we lost, we always lose.

We deal in lead!
Track Name: The Supertoys Last All Summer Long
We've got empty wallets
We can barely stay alive
The poster boys of procrastination
We do a lot of high fives
We don't mean to dissapoint
No direction right now
We wrote the book on relaxation
I'm going for another lie down

Texas, you're the only one we need.

There's no date on the flyer
For the greatest show on earth
I could sell tickets across the nation
But I don't know what it's worth
I know it's gonna happen
Don't know when it will hit
But I know one thing
When it finally comes along
I won't regret one bit

We can't stop
We won't stop
Because you say we're not "punk-rock"
Track Name: I'll Explain This All Tomorrow
Let tonight be our night
Run away with me, I'll explain this all tomorrow
Just pack your bags and let's go
Let tonight be our night
When the doors are closed it's just me and you left alone
Let's go face the unknown

I need to hold your hand to get me through this
Because you don't notice, you're this towns princess
There's nothing left to keep me here but you now
You make this shit town seem so proud?

Just close your eyes and see where this thing takes us
Stay on the next bus
Until we wake up
We'll sleep in places no-one knows
Or run away to Mexico
- Hide quoted text -
I don't really care where we go just stay close

Believe me when I say
That you are my saving grace
Shit town, shit job
You drown out the lot
Track Name: A Toast For Those Who Drink The Most
Let's have another drink or two
And get wrecked before we leave this room
And we can sing our hearts out
We've got nothing else to do

You can't regret something you can't remember
So let's get fucked up and fuck shit up
We won't stop until this bottle is bone dry
So fill that shot glass to the top
Track Name: S.F.W
I can't remember when this last felt like home
I used to party now I sit here alone
I thought you said
"We can sleep when we're dead"
Now you're growing up fast
And I'm still fucked off my head
Fuck it, this place is dead anyway

I can't remember our last good Corp night out
Now you can't move for teenage posers with pouts
Maybe it's time
That we left those days behind
Because we only have fun
When we're fucked out of our minds
Fuck it this place is dead anyway

So fucking what!
'This place is dead'!

If you're leaving now, you're never gonna see my face again.
Track Name: You Always Get What You Want
You live for competition
and macho one-upmanship
Bullying psycological
Battering 'geeks' to get your kicks
Everybody loves you to your face
Though not behind your back
I heard your best friends hate you
They're just formulating their attack

You always get what you want.

Your ego's getting bigger
With every notch on your bed
What's with the constant bragging?
What must be going through your head
Nobody gives a fuck mate
And I'm pretty sure no-one's impressed
What would your little sister say?
This ain't a fucking dicking contest

This time you searched and found someone
Who sat there all alone all night
It's not right
And she will succumb
As you're so ripped and strong
It's fucking wrong
You left her covered in piss
I know for a fact your mother never fucking raised you like this
Track Name: Vegas!? I Ain't Goin' No Vegas!
I'm a goofy goober! ROCK!
You're a goofy goober! ROCK!
We're all goofy goobers! ROCK!
Goofy goofy goober goober! ROCK!

"Put your toys away"
Well I got to say when you tell me not to play
I say NO WAY! No way no no no no no no way!
"I'm a kid" you say.
When you say I'm a kid I say "Say it again."
And then I say Thanks! THANKS! Thank you very much.

So if you're thinking that you'd like to be like me
Go ahead and try.
The kid inside will set you free!

Hamella bebela zimela boebela hamella bebela zimela bam

I'm a goofy goober. ROCK!
You're a goofy goober! ROCK!
We're all goofy goobers! ROCK!
Goofy goofy goober goober! YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Track Name: Goodnight Sweet Prince
As your train pulled away
I could almost hear you say
"Goodbye, Farewell and Amen"